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Default FZ100 vs SX30 IS vs P500? Semi new to photography.

I thought I had my decision made with the FZ100 but it looks so bad in low light situations I'm wondering again.

The FZ100 seems worse in low light than the FZ40, which doesn't make much sense to me seeing as the FZ100 is almost $100 more.

I was going to get a P500 but it looks really blurry on test videos at 1080p fullscreened on Youtube and I'm probably going to be recording a lot of videos. I also saw on a review that it's really shaky which could be an issue because I can't keep my hands steady well with the pills I'm taking for my blood pressure (Marfans syndrome ) so that could be a problem. Is it blurry just because of the 1080p? Is there a way that if I buy this I can keep the videos from being super blurry? It looks blurry at 720p as well which is keeping me from deciding on this.

The SX30 IS seems like a jack of all trades master of none. Going off of what reviews I've seen and this is better than the FZ100 but worse than the P500. It fairs better in the dark than the FZ100 but doesn't look as good as the P500? It looked a little blurry but not as bad as the P500.

Is the video blurriness because I'm using a semi outdated computer with a 19 inch flatscreen monitor? I worry because I plan to record a lot of video but if I can't expect good video quality from these I'll just put it out of my mind. I like these because they're all in the $300 range used.

I've been taking photos of anything and everything for the past few years with a dinky compact Coolpix that my mom just broke. With Christmas coming up this seems like a good time to treat myself to a new camera to learn the technical stuff on. Sorry if I'm leaving any info out, I'm kind of rushed typing this.
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