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Default G2 using old film camera lenses

G'day all

One of the things I like about the G2 is the ability to play with lenses "from the good 'ole days" ... and recently I was given an old film Pentax with a Super-Takumar 50mm f1,2 lens > the camera had not been used for years and was about to be junked

Last night I had a play with the f1,2 lens on the G2 at a birthday party. Illumination was from 1x 500watt workman's light on a stand

- all images at ISO-800, WB= tungsten, all at f1,2
- camera in Program mode ... shooting from 1/100s to 1/250s

1- the pianist "at work"

2- the sax player

3- the double bass fella getting right into it

Away from this main light & under a canopy of tiny xmas lights, the image in the EVF was so bright it was picking up things I could not see, and the momentary display of the taken image was darker than the 'before' image ... great for the EVF

4- Some party guests relaxing > hand-held 1/2 sec exposure @ f1,2 ISO-800 again

Hope you enjoy them ~ comments welcome
Regards, Phil
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