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Default Features in Compact P&S market question

I'm strictly talking in that pocket camera market, I'm interested in a couple of neat features, and I wonder how common these features are:

The first one is interval mode. I find this to be a GREAT feature. One way I think it would be great is to set it at a dinner table or setting where you can set it and let it take candid photos while you mingle would be nice.

The second mode I think is cool is the sweep panoramic mode.

These two happent o be on the Samsung TL350, which I'm considering buying even though I have a fine camera (the Canon SD4000). But I wonder how common these features (on the TL350 are). I know the panorama feature is out there (maybe you can tell me if that's that great a feature as I seem to think), but in terms of the interval mode--is it as rare as I seem to think? And is it something that can be used in the manner I illustrated above? I think that's really my question. Are there lots of other cameras that do this, and I'm just missing it? Thanks for reading.
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