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I have a huge problem...I deleted 1.5 Tb of videos off of one of my external HDD's. I have managed to recover all of the videos, but a very important one seems to be corrupted. It is a 1 hr HD movie, so it has about 65 GB. I have a smaller file that contains the same video, but at a lower quality and resolution. After what I read here, that should be the header. I have tried to put it in a lot of places in the big file, but it doesn't seem to work.

Here are some photos of the hex for the files:

Big file Hex:

Small file Hex:

Atoms of the big file:
(With Atom Inspector from Apple website)

From what I see that Gaalahaad has posted, his header file doesn't have a meat in the beginning, while my small file has one. What am I supposed to copy over to the big file and where? Please help it is the most important video of the whole 1.5 Tb of videos.

Thank you,

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