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Default Pentax camersa have interval timers

Pentax has interval timers in many of their cameras. For sure their DSLRs K-5 and K-7 do and their waterproof point and shoot Optio WG1 does as well. Probably others do as well but I haven't checked all the specs on Pentax other cameras. Lots of other DSLRs will do interval timing using software and a computer but with the Pentax cameras with this feature all you have to do when you are out in the woods or some other remote area is pull out the camera and set the timer, no dragging a laptop with you. Pentax is so underappreciated by the market for what they provide in their cameras and just don't get the market share that they deserve. Sturdy, weatherproofed cameras with standard features not found on competitors cameras.

Originally Posted by roaddawg31 View Post
I'm strictly talking in that pocket camera market, I'm interested in a couple of neat features, and I wonder how common these features are:

The first one is interval mode. I find this to be a GREAT feature. One way I think it would be great is to set it at a dinner table or setting where you can set it and let it take candid photos while you mingle would be nice.

The second mode I think is cool is the sweep panoramic mode.

These two happent o be on the Samsung TL350, which I'm considering buying even though I have a fine camera (the Canon SD4000). But I wonder how common these features (on the TL350 are). I know the panorama feature is out there (maybe you can tell me if that's that great a feature as I seem to think), but in terms of the interval mode--is it as rare as I seem to think? And is it something that can be used in the manner I illustrated above? I think that's really my question. Are there lots of other cameras that do this, and I'm just missing it? Thanks for reading.
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