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Originally Posted by Scott C View Post
I've seen many cheap sub $5 batteries on eBay and would like to know which of the sellers, if any, you have used. Heck at least if a $5 battery craps out after a couple hundred charges it's no big loss.
I tend to feel Amazon Marketplace to be a pretty reliable way to purchase aftermarket accessories - there are users' reviews of products that help too.

An old thread started by our resident guru FishyComics:

for kd-klic 7004 kodak zi8 batt

I have just one cheapo KLIC-7004 bought via Amazon and it seems to work out to about 85-8% the capacity of the (2) OEM batteries I have at 19% the cost - real value for money.

I see well reviewed ones as low as $3.50 shipped
(unbelievable - it went up 1cent between posting and this edit!)

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