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Originally Posted by Scott C View Post
I've been looking at the charger and battery combos and that seems to be the best way to go. Saves on swapping batteries in and out of the camera. Plus with the car charger adapter it opens up other charging methods too. Like this one

Another question. Have you guys tried those 1300 mAh batteries in your Kodak's ? With the original being 940 mAh and some of the generics being only 840 mAh the higher capacity ones seem to be the ones to look for.
Looks like a very fair price -
that also looks like the external charger I got -
it works really well.

One has to take third party aftermarket battery capacity with "a pinch of salt" - a 1300mAh battery ought to last nearly 55% longer than the Kodak OEM battery..... pretty dubious.

Think of it this way - the OEM battery is so outrageously expensive - so the profit margins would be really high - then they can afford to use the highest (safe) capacity - whereas the cheapo batteries have really low profit margins - how can they possibly afford to use a much better (read expensive) technology than the OEM?

Any way one looks at this - I have been getting about 85-8% the capacity of the OEM battery at 19% the price.
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