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Originally Posted by Photo 5 View Post
Sorts in gym or football stadium will require the use of a hot show flash. I honst found the use of a hot shoe flash and sports mode to be the best combination.

As for outdoors sports mode and the use of a lens hood.

I play around with settings and yes I did find the sports mode to be the best, but only when I used a hot shoe flash

Even the external flash mounted on the hot shoe is good for only 30 to 40 feet out, depending on lighting conditions. Beyond that it will have negligible effect. So, in a football stadium situation, don't rely on the flash to do anything for you. Setting the top wheel to SP1 or SP2 and selecting the "Sport" scene poisiton as you indicated is best. You might also try "Best frame capture" but you need good light for that. Flash won't be effective for "best frame capture", even if within 10 feet, unless I am unaware of the correct setting. Set the ISO fairly high, e.g. 1600. Theoretically, you should be able to get several flashes in quick succession at close distances because each flash uses only a fraction of the capacity of the flash capacitor. Does anyone know how to make "best frame capture" work with flash? I tried with both EXR and in Manual modes.

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