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Always consider that I do not know because as soon as I think I know I find out I know nothing. I find perpetual confusion to be confusing.

I am not looking for super wide at this point but something super short for cramped spaces.

I love my 17-50 Tamron TCav. It was one of your top pics for a Sony noob and I have never regretted the purchase. In the examples you provided one can see the lean at the edges of the images. Were this an Auto-Cad drawing it would be referred to as a quantising error. In your images it is no big deal and you show a good representation of the spaces. (nice choice of beers)

My last gig was an 880 sq-ft cabin on a monster property with timber resources. The buyer will most likely be someone who hunts and wants to share lease space with friends on a group buy. If one is in a 8x10 room the Tamron seems a bit long.

Here is a question. The HAR site did not want me to link to an outside source. I have never done any real paper with the realtors. How should I write any controlling documents regarding my work?
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