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Default Canon SX40 HS digital camera

Hi! Steve,

I'm about to buy a new Canon Sx40 HS digital camera & I have read your forum on some qwestions & answers from owners of this camera.Before I buy this camera, there are some qwestions that I'd like to ask you since you have reviewed this camera. I read in your forum about how to make a macro photo sharp & vivid in the SX40 . you mentioned about installing a Raynox dcr 250 macro lens. Do I have to buy also a lensmate SX filter holder to hold this Raynox dcr 250 macro lens in place on the camera? And if I have to install this lens do I have to take out the original lens that went with the camera? In other words I cannot put this lens over the original lens? Also, Do you recommend a Hoya S-HMC UV 58mm filter to keep glare & reflection from getting back into the SX40 camera? And the Hoya linear Polarizer 58 mm to reduce unwanted reflections?
Since you have already reviewed this camera, can you pls. tell me how to get a sharp ,good photo when the background is very sunny bright & the subject is on a Shaded area, the subject tends to be very dark in the picture. How can this be corrected in the Canon Sx40, what camera settings corrects it & is there a filter that can correct this?
On the Raynox dcr 250 macro lens, how far is the distance of the camera from the subject to get a sharp, vivid photo? Can I also use this lens to capture a photo from a distance?
I really appreciate it very much for answering all my qwestions.I'll wait for your reply before I buy the Canon Sx40 camera.
Thanks again!!!

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