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Originally Posted by Steven R View Post
Great shots Bob.
(I think the butterfly is a variety of the Morning Cloak Butterfly. The blue hash marks above the red identifies it.)

Thank you Steven, I tried all my favorite 'lookup' places but did not find this butterfly described nor, of course, did I describe it well enough to find it.

This is why I like photographing nature, there always is so much to learn. This is the first Mourning Cloak I've seen, it is beautiful, large, and a bit mysterious regarding its front two legs giving it the appearance to us 'novices' as having only the four legs. Reading about this butterfly I've learned that many others including the Monarch are in a category of brushy-footed insects, I had never noticed before this.

Anyway, I've again learned from my outing, it was a beautiful day in a park.

The Mourning Cloak is well described at this link ==>

Thanks again.............
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