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After reading all your comments I would point out that in the days of film the ultimate was achieved with large format cameras and fine grain slide film, then 35 mm claimed to have achieved parity, along comes digital, mediocre at first, but improving all the time, a few years ago with 6 mp it was as good as the best slide film, or so it was claimed. Now we have all those pixels to play with and still some people say there is room for improvement, Let's get this right , if your jpeg is correctly exposed with the right white balance, and all other settings are satisfactory, how can it be improved, or do you say it should be air brushed? I don't believe in cheating except for cloning out an imperfection in a persons face, A photograph is a record, H R D , replacing a bland sky with fluffy white clouds is to my mind just not on. I like to think there are lots of shooters out there who agree with me.
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