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My 2c:

What is the best? Best at what?

Owning the most expensive outfit do not makes you a better photographer... just not too long ago a great master created beautiful prints from just a pinhole camera :idea:

IMO most people don't glue their nose to an artwork and look for CA or sharpness, if they do then they miss the "BIGGER" picture: Fporch gallery is quite creative and I can't fail some folks for not seeing it that way... While I can understand why some photographers might want the sharpest lens to capture the nuances of bird plumage, but I can also recall the days when I had to install Softar filters on my Hasselblad (which can put any "L" to shame) because it was too sharp! No one will want to buy a picture showing the imperfections of their skin anyway.

BTW I also happen to have an 85mm f/1.2 L...
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