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Thanks for your reply.

It's kinda reassuring to know that it's ok if no one else finds your photos interesting enough. I'm a bit bothered when those around me really don't react [either positively or negatively] to any of my photos.

Ofc, it could be either poor photographic skills, or choice of subject matter which is the cause for such a reaction, or lack thereof. Right now, I'm just photographing objects at home, which I find interesting for some reason. I'm also in the process of learning the technical aspects of photography & composition. So maybe when I read stuff about patterns, shapes, lines etc. I tend to seek that in my photos, rather than look for 'interesting' subject matter first.

& maybe that'll change after I've upped my knowledge. & maybe it won't. Maybe I'll keep shooting stuff that isn't very popular, & still get no reaction.

At the end of the day, I thank you for your comment because it's helped put things into perspective for me. Whether intended or not, many thanks.
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