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I am not nitpicking and the level seen not distracting IMO, but being able to see it is a fact of the result from the hardware, it is either present or it is not........... 10101010 is still my way of thinking after dealing with it for 50-years, there is no other option, it is a binary thing; on or off, yes or no.

I only joined in because it is present and is easily seen if looking for it, otherwise it isn't particularly noticeable, just a Sgt Joe Friday thing, remember Dragnet, "....just the facts ma'am".

The iPAD is a remarkable display which I use often to view my own images, the 'spread & pinch' facility makes it super fast and easy to look at 'stuff'.

Outta here, the wife has a Dr appointment & it looks a bit like some rain possible. No photos today for me.
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