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Default First DSLR Reccomendation

I realize that this has been hashed and rehashed, but I haven't quite found the answer that I am looking for. There may not be a good answer and it may just be an either or situations where I am not wrong either way.

I want to be able to shoot for travel, parties, hiking excursions, and some sports (my brother-in-law plays hockey at the college level) but nothing professional at this time.

I am looking at purchasing my first dSLR, and have researched the crap out of the different systems: Nikon, Canon, and Sony. Sorry about Pentax, but I am not really comfortable with where they are and where they are going. I have been to every retail shop around and played with all of the different bodies, and a few of the lenses. I am sold on the Nikon system. Alot of it is based on feel and user interface, but I also like the selection of good and affordable lenses, as well as the high end pro lenses that I probably wont ever buy, but they are there if I get more into it. I also have a brother who has shot Nikon since the mid 90s and has a bunch of lenses and speed lights that I can borrow if i need to so that helps Nikon.

My budget is flexible on this so i have a couple of scenarios to lay out and get others feedback on. I have narrowed it down to the D5100 or the D7000.

1. Buy the D7000 body only and a 35mm f/1.8. Then pickup either the Nikon 10-24 later and the 70-300 VR after that.
2. Buy the D5100 Kit from Costco with the 18-55 and the 55-300 and pickup the 35mm f/1.8 at the same time from a real Photo store.
3. Buy the D5100 Body only with the 35mm f/1.8 and pickup the 10-24 and 70-300 later. Then get the D7000 replacement when it comes out.
4. Buy the D7000 body only and 18-55VR and the 35mm and pickup either the 55-200 or the 70-300 later.

I wont go into the differences between the D5100 and D7000 since that has been covered at length I like both, but like the D7000 better for all of the obvious reasons.

I want the 35mm prime to get good low light and to help learn composition better.

I realize that there are HUGE cost differences in there and it gets a little confusing.

I guess the gist of my question is do I:

1. Spend money up front on a body
2. Spend money up front on glass
3. Just get a camera that I can afford and start shooting

Thanks to everyone who responds.
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