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We came back last Friday and it took a good 3 days to get our time readjusted. My wife Evelyn had to go to the emergency room Thursday afternoon as she had a severe reaction to the Malaria meds we took. She is home now and it will take about 10 days for the meds to run out of her system. It was a frightening event for both of us.

The trip itself was absolutely the best adventure we have been on. We saw the Great Migration, The Big 5 (Lion, Leopard, Cape buffalo, Elephant and Rhino both black and white) and we flew in a hot air balloon over the Maasai Mara.

I have posted 3 photos as teasers and will try and let you see all the areas we visited. It will take some time for me to get the pictures in some semblance of order as I took about 5,000 shots. Many have already been deleted and others are being culled into groups to review.

A word about equipment and shooting conditions. I took two camera bodies the K-7 & K-5. The K-7 had my trusty travel companion the Tamron 18-250 and it was on a neck strap. The K-5 had my Sigma 150-500mm and was held in my hand with a Camdapter strap and cradled in my arm. This set up worked well as I never changed a lens and I never felt the need for more range.

Dust conditions were severe and both cameras and lenses were in need of a heavy cleaning every night. A shower cap was put over the lens of the 150-500 as the lens hood was too deep making it difficult to impossible to remove the lens cap easily. I needed to keep the lens clean and have quick access to it when the need arose and the shower cap was the perfect solution.

All my shots were hand held. In hindsight perhaps I could have used a monopod or beanbag. Weight restrictions kept me from doing this. Most shots were taken with the 150-500mm. My home made BushHawk handle failed on the second day so it was steady yourself as best you could, say a prayer and push the shutter.

We were not allowed out of the safari vehicles so all the shots were from a similar perspective shooting down or across at the subject.

Enough chatter, here are a couple of shots.

Zebras slaking their thirst on the migration. Risky business as Crocodiles were in the water. A dead zebra was floating nearby to testify to that fact.

A three shot panorama of the migration.

A lion settling into the shade of the bush.


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