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Originally Posted by Ozzie_Traveller View Post
G'day mate

I really like this image - the composition & degrees of splash & general movement all work well for me.

Then I noticed a negative comment below your post ...
25-odd years ago as a camera club judge, I made a similar observation on an image presented in a monthly competition.

Afterwards the author come up to me and "politely" told me where to get off ... she had taken the image with her own set of criteria in mind, those criteria were met and I, as an observer of the final image had no right to severely criticise her efforts. She rightly told me that as judge, it was my task to review the image as presented, not to go off sideways and bring my own ideas into it ... unless I was asked to do so and I had not been asked to 'rescue' an image that was 'wrong'

We as observers need to respect that unless we're asked for cc "how to improve it" for the next time the author tries this style of image again, we need to take it as it's presented

Regards, Phil
thanks, Phil.

like most photographers, i compose images in a way that pleases me. i don't do it to please anyone else. i don't mind at all if someone offers a constructive critique with suggestions on how to improve an image technically, but having someone simply tell me that just because i like a composition doesn't mean it's any good adds nothing of value to the discussion, particularly since, from what i've seen of that poster's work, she isn't what i'd consider qualified to make judgments on composition in the first place. i've taken hundreds of images of this type, and this one, while far from my best from an artistic standpoint, offers an excellent visual representation of the commentary that accompanied it. not all photographs are intended as art, and some people obviously do not yet understand that.

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