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Originally Posted by Steven R View Post
Okay, so you have the 14-54. Mk I or MkII ?
I'm kinda thinking that if I get a tax refund (?) maybe Sharon will let me add another lens. I am thinking of either the 14-54 or the 12-60mm.

Would like to hear the forum member who have the either the 14-54 or the 12-60 to give me their advice on which one I should get and why. What do you guys think? Also, if I go for the 14-54, is it worth the extra money to get the Mk II or stick to the original Mk I

I can't speak for the 12-60 but I love my 14-54 it is the old version, I bought it right after I bought the 70-300 to replace the kit lens....and the new version wasn't out yet. Not much difference between the two versions except the new focusing, and a different aperture set up for supposedly better Bokah, but mine focuses fast as it is, so to me it has never been worth the money or effort to replace it.

I have heard good things about the 12-60 but it is quite a bit more expensive...

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