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Default K-5 question

Im sorry to keep asking questions on the subject. But I keep feeling better equipment yield better results. (once you learn to use the better equipment) I have the K-x and keep looking to the K-5. I shoot a lot of inside pictures. Bar type scenes dark not really well lit and homes or banquet halls. I bought the K-x for low light as I like to shoot without a flash and from a distance as to capture candid shots. I'm sure you know from my other post I'm new to this and have not even mastered the K-x. My question is the K-5 has a better High Iso rating of 1162 vs 811.(seems quite a bit of difference) I understand the Shake reduction is suppose to be better. The Dynamic range is 14.1 vs 12.5 not sure if that is a lot or not. The view finder I find hard to see in daylight with the K-x. Would the better viewfinder and shake reduction and higher ISO range yield better quality shots over the K-x without the use of flash in low light situations? (Hand Held) Is the use of flash inevitable for hand held shots in these conditions.

Thanks for your opinions
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