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Default going going gone!

today saw a landmark familiar to all in the south east of england demolished. the Richborough Power Station had stood for 50 years, once supplying power to the national grid, finally closing in 1996. due to legal and environmental reasons, the cooling towers and main chimney remained in place ever since.

at 9am this morning, some 10000 people lined the coastline of Sandwich in Kent, to witness the demolition of all 3 large cooling towers and the chimney. it went without a hitch and took all of 30 seconds to bring it all down in a cloud of dust.

from my point of capture to the towers was about 3km away, so i opted for a HD video on my fz100, rather than just stills, but took some stills during the blast that i enhanced with a little pp just to tidy them up and reduce the noise caused by the fog that hovers constantly over the bay.

i'll post my video online somewhere and link it in for all to view should you wish to see it.

hope you like my snaps of what has been a very interesting experience.

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