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Originally Posted by ramcewan View Post
KulaCube - here let me help you out... to post the pictures you need to wrap the Flickr Share URL in IMG tags... IMG tags are a pair of code snipets that look like this except replace the { and } with square bracket versions.

{IMG} filckr share url goes here {/IMG}

Alternately you can click the image icon (little yellow square icon with two mountain peaks and the sun between the link icon and the quote icon) and paste your flickr url in the popup box (be sure to replace the http:// in the popup box)

p.s. if you click quote on my post you can see the image tag code - hth
Ahhh! Thank you ramcewan for the tip. I've deleted the originals as they were really junk shots. And when I went back to shoot the grasses, the greenhouse staff had cut them down.

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