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Thanks for the comments.

Harriet, the memories of these incidents lasts a long time,doesn't it?

Originally Posted by Keltech View Post
I guess if life brings you lemons and you make lemonade a little honey in it can't hurt!
Unfortunately, no honey since the hive was fumigated.

Originally Posted by mole View Post
Somewhat surprising that none of your local beekeepers were interested in an obviously successful colony.
I was surprised, too, but evidently they fear incompatibility with an established hive - on the other hand a new swarm has no established colony to defend, so if they take anything it would only be a new swarm. Most of our local beekeepers are hobbyists, and have no room for additional hives, anyway. The person we called was brutally honest and told us that most of the firms that promise live removal just destroy the bees after they leave the premises with them, because they know no one will take them. At least he tried to make us feel better about it by having made an attempt to find them a home before he proceeded, although I am sure he knew what the answers would be.

We had a fence around the area to keep the dog away from it - the fence is gone now, and the dog got skunked this morning - maybe a residuaul smell of honey attracted the skunk. I am sitting here now with my eyes tearing from another residual smell! The Law of Unintended Consequences strikes again!
If life brings you lemons, you can make lemonade.
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