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I called Adorama and Julio in their sales department took my call. He said there's a waiting list of about 30 or 40 people for the 18-105mm. Before I placed that call and shortly after I created this thread I realized I'd made a mistake in that I originally had the 18-200mm on my mind and not the 18-105mm. Julio said there are about 18 people on a waiting list waiting for the 18-200mm to come in. I was a little shocked because there was a relatively long wait for the 18-200mm lens back around three years ago. He edified me by saying that the lenses are made in Thailand and that the reason the factory ain't manufacturing at the normal rate is because, according to Julio, it's been raining in Thailand for the last 9 months, consecutively, I guess. (I wouldn't know cause I don't go to Thailand to pay and play like some guys do.) According to Julio that is why there's a waiting list for both lenses, cause of rain, nine months worth. I think it must be raining consecutively inside Adorama's headquarters because I was on hold for about 15-20 minutes before Julio finally came on the line. When I last checked, and that was about 3 years ago, the 18-200mm cost about $1K and as mentioned earlier back then you had to wait in line for one to come in. And I see the price hasn't changed much since then. The 18-200mm VR Nikkor has a stellar reputation which I guess is the reason why the price hasn't dropped any.

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