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Hi, Bob,

I'm new to this camera (heck, new to digicams!) and to this forum. I honestly don't know what to expect from digicams, so I don't know whether my expectations are reasonable.

The FZ10, so far, is mostly very pleasant, but I do have a few issues. One is taking indoor or evening shots without a flash, but I think that's been covered ad nauseum, and I can tell from posts here that people come down on several sides of that topic.

Besides, I can handle that. Shots with a flash seem fine.

However, one thing that's really bothering me is the color. If I take an outdoor shot, deep reds come out with orange or glowing tint, and the grass is too bright as well.

This is true of indoor shots as well (except for the grass :-)). My wife took a shot of a memorial flag we have indoors, and the red stripes are definitely too orange.

We've viewed these in the camera, on our television, and on the computer, and they all look the same.

I've tried different WB settings (lightbulb, flash, auto), and tried turning saturation down.

Is this normal for the FZ10? Is it normal for digicams in general? Or might I have a defective unit?

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