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No worries... perhaps I didn't choose my words correctly concerning 17. I like 17 as it is, it is "not" a pano... it was just one shot from the bridge. But, if I were closer, or used a telephoto lens, I could have taken four shots, one to the left of the church, two of the church sort of splitting it in half and then one to the right with all the trees... or a fifth with the river... It would look much like the above... though it is does not look like a pano... I was watching one of Cairn's videos on Photoshop, where he did the same, he used four shots, stitched them together in to a pano... though it looked more like a 16:9 or 4x6 photo when he got done.. and it was stunning... but yes, I liked my original photo. Thanks for your inpurt.. it is appreciated.
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