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All the pens you listed has a built in flash. Photo quality wised the pens are all about the same, and they will be better then the xz1. Your creative option with a pen will be better dof control, then there are the art filters the all 4 camera you listed have. The pens has a much larger sensor the the xz1. So they do preform better in low light, and with the right lens. You will get good some decent low light shots.

fast moving kids I would say the best of the listed will be the ep3. For single shot, it is the quickest in the AF department. It has the newer lens that focus faster then the kit from the epl1 and epl2. The ep3 is the most expensive but you get a much higher grade camera. The difference between the epl1/2 is the AF speed, the epl2 had a more updated kit lens, so it will focus a bit faster then the epl1. But in the other departments, the epl1 and epl2 are pretty much the same with a little bit more bells and whistle.

XZ1 is a fine camera, it will perform better then your g9 in low light as it has a wider aperture lens. But iso performance is about the same, And it has about the same in dof. It does not have a tunnel view finder. But you can use the pen's electronic viewfinder options. The xz1 can allot of the accessory that are made for the pens as well, like the macro light. Also it is smaller then any of the pens.
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