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Default epl2

thanks for ur reply

I am fond of this camera

1.what are the pros and cons ?

2.what is the zoom on it ? i cannot seem to find the answer to that .im used to 6 X so anything less might cause discomfort.

3. does the camera come with kit lens , or is it optinal ?
if so do i stick to the olympus or get a panasonic lens ( this seems to be preferd by most on the net , why so ?

i have been told to luk at the sony NEX .
4. side by side comparison , how are the NEX and epl2 . pros and cons ?

im still not ready to by an SLR simply becoz of the size .And i feel that the mirrorless cameras who do a capable job with the compact handy size.I hear u have to do alot of cleaning of the lens ,,, i wudnt even know how to start cleaning .

my only sorrow is that active kids shooting will be blurry on the [email protected], but i was managing ok ...not gr8 , but ok with my Canon G9
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