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Hi Lina,
I noticed no one has replied to your post yet, so I thought I would, even though I havenít had my camera for very long, and am still finding out things about it all the time. When first reading your post, I was about to get the SX40 HS I had just bought, and have played around with the settings and options on it, and also learned things from forums and other places online. Itís a really fun camera, in my opinion, and given the options this camera has, it is very versatile to say the least.

I hope youíre still here, even though this seems to be the only post youíve made so far.

Now, to your questionsÖ

The Raynox dcr-250 macro lens does not appear to need any adapter, in order to use it with this camera. You can read about it here:

You donít have to remove the original lens, but just put it in front of it. By the way, the original lens is not able to remove at all.

About the Hoya Polarizer filter 58 mm, read this thread.
Especially post #4 gives a really good answer to your question. Notice that he also states that itís best to get the FA-DC67A adapter, which takes 67 mm filters and not 58 mm, even if this works as well. This is because that with 58 mm there will be some vignetting at the wide end. Hoya is a good brand so if you still decide to stick with that size, I would think it is a good choice. Again, I havenít tried it myself so I have no personal experience of it.

As for taking sharp photos of shaded object with bright backgrounds, there is a setting which helps to make the object clearer, but I donít remember what itís called now. I know I read about it in a review some time back where they also made a comparison between having this setting on, and when not. Quite a difference. I donít think a filter is needed to correct this.

The Raynox dcr 250 macro is just that, a macro, and you will not be able to use it on distant objects. It works best with zoom and has vignetting if you use it at wide angle. The distance in order to get good pictures is 10 cm Ė 15 cm according to

Hope this helps you. Do ask if there is anything else you wonder about and let me know whether or not you decide to get this camera. I donít think youíll regret your choice if you get it. Good luck!

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