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Do you recommend a Hoya S-HMC UV 58mm filter to keep glare & reflection from getting back into the SX40 camera? And the Hoya linear Polarizer 58 mm to reduce unwanted reflections?
A UV filter will only serve to only protect the front of the lens from getting scratched and nothing more. It is optional and may cause more problems than it solves. I would also wait to get a polarizer until you are more knowledgeable about photography.

Since you have already reviewed this camera, can you pls. tell me how to get a sharp ,good photo when the background is very sunny bright & the subject is on a Shaded area, the subject tends to be very dark in the picture. How can this be corrected in the Canon Sx40, what camera settings corrects it & is there a filter that can correct this?
This condition is normal for any digital camera and is caused by technical limitations of the sensor. There is no setting or filter to correct this however if the subject is close enough to the camera you may be able to force the flash to fire and fill in the shadow while exposing for the bright scene. This is called fill flash.

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