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Thanks for the replies.
I have hunted one down that has all the features I need (Mrock 652 Sierra) but it weighs 807g = 1.3/4 lbs, Mrock show it as 15 ozs but two retailers show it at at 807 gms. So I phoned one of them up to find out what they really weigh and he came back to me, after putting it onto a kitchen scale with 805 gms= 28.1/2ozs.(phew!!) admittedly 6.1/2ozs are the shoulder straps.That to me makes it a heavy old load, with my camera + lens coming in at 2lbs plus, then I've got the flash and small tripod.
My current bag weighs in at 13 ozs(it looks like a large hand bag) and takes all I need, so I guess I'll stay with it.
I just fancied a more portable "get at camera quick holster " as mine is a shoulder bag.
Nikon D5000
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Manfrotto Tripod.
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