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Default Sony NEX-5N in Norway

Hi folks!

In this tread I will show som pictures taken with my Sony NEX-5N, which I bought because I needed something to play with. For more seriouse work (I do mostly landscapes) I use my Nikon D300s, but I usually have one or two "fool-around"-cameras on the side to play with as well. The reason I bought into the NEX-system is its ability to make use of old Legacy-glass which I like very much.

More about this later, when my adapters are coming in through the mail.

For today, just this one shot here from near where I live, in Fredrikstad in the South of Norway.

Name:  Steves_n12_04_24_0051_50_49_Ec6_ES_1020x649_90%.jpg
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Taken just some hours ago - some heavy clouds coming down the river, and it rained about halve an hour later.


Just another "make" of the above.

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Quote: "Buying a camera doesn't make you a photographer. - It makes you a camera owner".
Curious about my photography?
You may look up my small portfolio on the Norwegian photo-forum: - click - "LATEST" on left bottom of page.
You may then click any thumbnail to view the picture and click again on the displayed picture for an unobstructed full screen view. Enjoy!

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