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Default Continuing...


Another small series today, mostly to show the difference in angle between th 18-55mm Kit-lens and the 16mm f/2.8, pluss the attachments-lens Sony NEX Ultra Wide Converter VCL-ECU1.

Name:  Steves_x12_04_19_0147_46_45_D8_PhPopA_ColorSmooth_1020x653_85%.jpg
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A coastal scene, shot at 44mm with the standard kit-lens

Name:  Steves_x12_04_19_0156_55_54_D8_PopSoft_ES-RY_1020x615_90%.jpg
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Same scene @ 18mm - standard kit-lens

Name:  Steves_x12_04_19_0165_64_63_D8_PopSoft-ES-1020x615_90%.jpg
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Same scene, but now with 16mm f/2.8

Name:  Steves_x12_04_19_0180_79_78_D8_PopSoft-ES_1020x615_90%.jpg
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Same scene, with 16mm f/2.8 + the Ultra Wide Converter

Name:  Steves_x12_04_19_0195_94_93_66Skin_Perspectiv_PoSoft_1020x615_90%.jpg
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Still sthe same scene, but now with some tilt to the camera to show more of the foreground. In this slightly tilting-down posistion the UWC distorted the sides quite a bit, so that I had to change the perspective some.

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