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Although not a D-SLR I have been very impressed with my Panasonic Lumix DMC TS3 (their is a TS4 version out now). It has a lot of control over the image settings. I have been using it since mid March and loving it. Used in a heavy snow and heavy rain and it would flawlessly.

I do have the K-5 but not one of the WR lenses and the K-5 is a great camera, but a little pricier compared to other entry-mid level camera on the market. With that said I do feel the price is worth it as it have very low noise at high ISO and with the right memory cards you can get excellent burst captures. It does have some significant issues in using a hotshoe flash and I have ended up having to use a rather old manual flash in the hotshoe..... Also Pentax doesn't offer a huge number of lenses for there camera at this time compared to other companies so see if they have the lenses you are after before you make the dive.

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