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Originally Posted by mtngal View Post
I wonder what it doesn't have that the K5 has, to make the K5 more expensive. If I were looking for a camera right now, I think I might have a hard time trying to choose between this new camera and the K5. Also, if I were looking for a second camera I'd most likely buy this one. I wonder if the AF is going to be better than the previous Pentax cameras. Now that would be something interesting (though not enough to tempt me away from my K5).
Nikon is in a similar situation. The D7000 is a better camera than the more expensive D300S in almost all regards. I would think that a K5 replacement is probably not far down the road. I'd guess the 24MP Sony sensor may find a new home in the next "serious" Pentax. I seriously doubt a 135 film sized sensor will be in the picture. Pentax is not big enough to retool for "full frame" (hate that term by the way) lenses. Too many of their current DA lenses would not work on the larger sensor and only the expensive FA limited lenses (and maybe the FA 50mm f1.4) are still in production as film era lenses. Although a large sensor camera would be more expensive and probably appeal to people who could afford the more expensive glass I seriously doubt the economics of the situation will work. I would not completely rule it out however, after all the 645D made it into production and most of my lenses say FA on the label so I could be a potential customer for a reasonably priced 135 sensor camera.

For any young ones out there who do not remember film, 135 is the actual film size designation for 35mm film.
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