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Smile ........another cheap little gem from China

is the rear lens cap(s) I ordered off eBay.

The chincy little snap-on rear lens cap, on the m43 14-42 IIR needed to be replace with a twist-on because I don't like the 'snapper'.

Then I lost the rear cap on my MMF-2 so open the iPAD app for eBAY and BAM! Batman, there from China 'rear lens cap m43' $1.49 INCLD SHIPPING.

I ordered two(2), checked out with PAYPAL, done deal...... the caps came in the mail today, 9-days. GENUINE OEM Olympus mold embossed m43 twist-on lens cap(s).

$2.98 net VS $14 plus $3 ship from Olympus America.
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