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that's the 530 in the u.s., i think. i was noticing its earlier version, the 510, which seems better liked. haven't looked in depth into why that is yet. some people don't care for their touch screen, so i hope to run into one or both models in person at fry's.

the lack of full manual control or at least control over shutter speed is what makes me hold back on the elphs. my husband is going to loan me his sd4000 (it's an elph with a short zoom and fast lens) to carry around tomorrow and see how i like the size/controls.

we've often ended up with panasonics because both my husband and i like their menus and they tend to offer more controls and advanced features. they also often also tend to offer higher noise, and i'd prefer not to deal with too much noise from a jpg-only carry around camera, although i realize in a smaller camera some noise is a fact of life. i guess that's why it's so hard to decide on a camera at this level. it's easier for larger, more expensive cameras - the small ones require a lot more compromises.
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