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Lightning is one of the more difficult subjects to shoot since it is totally unpredictable. Your pictures are a little overexposed. That can be fixed somewhat in your photo editor by increasing the contrast and reducing the brightness. In the camera, I would recommend stopping down the lens by at least one f-stop (higher number). If your camera accepts a cable release or remote cord, and has a "B" (bulb) setting on shutter speed I would try the following. Point the camera in the general direction where you thing the lightning will be. Use full manual exposure control. Set the aperture for about f16. Attach the cable or remote cord to the camera. Press the remote button and lock it down. In "B" mode, the shutter remains open until the shutter is released. Once the lightning flash has occured, release the shutter. You may need to experiment with the f-stop. Use ISO100 if available.
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