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Ira - Your springtime Tuk pictures are really wonderful - love the midnight sun picture with the light on the building.

I'm not a pro enough to get along with any camera that I try - there's probably very few who really are like that. I never got along with the Panasonic FZ30, and think that I would struggle with any of the full frame cameras that are currently on the market. I occasionally struggle with dof issues with the Pentax cameras, sometimes wishing for the small sensor Sony F717 capabilities. So it just depends on the person.

Is there a "short-timers" calendar in your apartment? You aren't really counting the days down, are you? But I think you have been lucky to have the opportunity to spend some time in what looks like a very unusual area, one that's pretty in spring. It would be something to think back on fondly in a few years.
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