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Default Need an inexpensive point & shoot for eBay...

Preferably in the $100 or so price range, give or take about 20 bucks. I have been using my old Fuji S5000 for about 10 years, but it's starting to not like to focus in macro mode anymore. I sell music instruments and related items on eBay, so I need something with a decent macro mode. I will be putting some money back this fall to purchase a more serious camera, but I need something to get me by until then. Doesn't really need much for zoom, just decent glass capable of taking real clear shots in macro in case I want to take a close up of a serial number or something like that. Only retailer in my town without driving about 40 minutes is Walmart. They have a couple Fuji models in this price range, but they also have a Panasonic LS6, which runs on AA batteries, which is a bonus for me since I already have quite a few of them for my old Fuji camera. Any suggestions for cameras in this price range? I haven't really followed what's popular for a couple years.
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