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Originally Posted by Frogfish View Post
Love these old planes - perfect shutter speed / panning for these Mike.
Yeah, I have to say that I like the WWII era planes the best. This is a great airshow for these planes. It's run by the the 1941 Historical Aircraft Group and they operate out of a small turf airfield. I've been to this show 3 years in a row now.

Originally Posted by mtngal View Post
The panning shot is VERY cool, but I like all of them. Neat shots! Someday I'll go to an air show, I haven't been to one for many years, before photography. It would have been a good one to photograph, it was on one of the military air bases in Germany (don't remember which now).
I've gone to maybe 5 or 6 airshows in the last 5 years. This one is put on every year and I think it's my favorite. I like fighter jets and all but the older planes seem to be more interesting to me.

Originally Posted by hnikesch View Post
I agree with Kevin, perfict SS and nice panning. First show I went to I froze too many propellers on flying aircraft
I was using about 1/200 shutter speed for these shots. Seems to work out nicely for prop blur and still let me get some good sharp shots panning.

Originally Posted by simowills View Post
Wonderful BIF pic's, great stuff.

Thank you!

Originally Posted by Wingman View Post
Good panning shots! I still find it challenging to catch the prop blur and yet maintain a sharp image. I caught that P-51 a few weeks ago at the Indianapolis Air Show...small world.

This P-51 was also accompanied by a truck that was showing a 30 min documentary about the Tuskegee Airmen and this plane restoration. The sad thing is that the man who was instrumental in it's restoration crashed it in I think 2006 which also killed him. But it's a credit to the group that restored it that they decided to pick up the pieces and restore it again after the crash. They also charge $1500 to anyone who wants to take a 30min flight in it as a passenger.
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