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apples and oranges. there will be a noticable difference in the way you will shoot. the DOF on an A series camera can't be compared along with the control of it. the rebel offers a somewhat greater then the A camera. but in exchange for this you will be making multiple purchases of lenses and you will find items like the popup strobe is pretty much limited in what lenses it can be used with due to their size. you will spend more on outfitting the rebel overall. i own a 1Ds and that cost me into 5 figures to outfit when i made the analogue to digital change over. the i own an minolta A1 as a quick field trip camera. going back and forth from the 2 is not a issue. there are many other differences that can span a few pages. the basic question is do you want an all in one or a system based camera? they both have their place and they are both cameras
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