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Default What would you carry with you?

I'm going on a trip to Michigan in a few weeks, mostly to do some hiking and other touristy things around the lakes. I have a pretty nice thrift-store Minolta camera bag that will fit most of the stuff I have, but am thinking I'm going to want to pare it down when I'm out and about.

Here's what I have:
E-PL2 with kit lens
Panasonic 45-200
Panasonic 14mm
Yashica 50mm 2.0
Konica 57mm 1.4
Raynox DCR-250 macro attachment from my old FZ35
SLIK Sprint Pro tripod

My first thought is to have the 45-200 on the camera and the 14mm in the pocket. However, I've been a little frustrated with the tele at times and wonder if I should take the kit lens instead. The legacy "normals" are an option too, but frankly I'm still getting the hang of the whole MF thing and wonder if I'll miss things without the aid of a viewfinder (esp considering i'll have some very impatient nieces along). Haha.

Is there any bag advice for a setup like this? I would hope for something not too large but could keep my hands free and not swing around, and hold a few lenses and maybe a battery and such.

I know nobody can concretely answer that for me--I was just wondering what your first thoughts/experiences were, or if there's something I haven't considered here, or if anybody has any advice.

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