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Thanks everyone! I'm thinking right now that the best combo for out-and-about is the 14mm+45-200, but I think I'll also bring my bag with a few other items and just leave it in the car. I don't know that I'll miss the range that the kit lens gives or not. I don't think we'll be doing much backpacking (mostly day hikes), but I'm kind of just along for the ride on this trip so we'll see. You all also have a point about the old lenses--I'll probably end up not using them anyhow. They're fun inexpensive flea market finds though!

I don't know what it is about the 45-200, the pictures just don't always look that good/sharp but I'm sure it's me and not the lens. Mostly I think I need to practice with the tele to learn how to get it to focus on what I want to focus on instead of the branches behind it. Been meaning to do that, but since the 14 showed up I can't seem to take it off of the camera. I wouldn't have thought it would be that different than using the kit lens, but there you go.

I also just picked up a car charger and extra battery, and I do also have a remote shutter that I picked up on ebay for like $3.80. Hey, it works for now so I won't knock it. Monopod's an interesting idea, and heck I don't think there will ever be a bag everyone likes. Ha.
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