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Originally Posted by HarjTT View Post
As you can tell i had a wee bit of time on my hands..and put together a fictional E7

Canon 5D MK 111, E5/E3, Fictional E7 and Pentax K5

I was kind of shocked to find that the E5 and the 5D are identical in size, with the 5D just 52g lighter as well. The EX definitely needs downsizing in my opinion.
hey Harj
you know if you had a D300 in that list, it would be bigger than 5D, and so is 7D bigger than 5D
And really I find GH2 really good to carry around, freakin awful when you need to use it
There must be a tipping point where a body size just works
I guess

actually I agree with you that a size reduction is in order,
but I would like to point out that the generic speak about all things Olympus tends to be so biased as not to consider what else is really going on
and a lot of our collective thoughts can be pushed by that.

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