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Hi Riley

Checked the specs on the 7D and the D300s.. the 7Ds actually a smidge smaller than the E5 and weighs 32g less !


Canon EOS 7D is 4% (5.7 mm) wider and 5% (5.8 mm) shorter than Olympus E-5.
Canon EOS 7D is 1% (1 mm) thinner than Olympus E-5.
Canon EOS 7D [860 g] weights 4% (32 grams) less than Olympus E-5 [892 g] (*inc. batteries and memory card).

Just as shocking is that the E3 and D300 are the same size but the E3 is a wee bit lighter by 46g.

Nikon D300s is 3% (4.5 mm) wider and 2% (2.5 mm) shorter than Olympus E-5.
Nikon D300s is 1% (0.5 mm) thinner than Olympus E-5.
Nikon D300s [938 g] weights 5% (46 grams) more than Olympus E-5 [892 g] (*inc. batteries and memory card).

Have studied a wee bit of ergonomics as a designer engineer student many years ago, there's only so much you can change or reduce in size for a camera like the EX/5D's/D300s etc and when you look at the E3/E5 Oly's made some really good choices. The front right hand grip is an improvement over the E1, shifting the lens to the right allows for better handling of bigger lenses, the articulated LCD needs space for the hinge and the buttons need etc all need to be a decent size to be useable. So the only real option to having a smaller EX is to lower its height, make the grip on the left slightly smaller, reduce the number of buttons on the back of the body (Oly already did that for the E5) and change modify the LCD or make it non articulated LCD.

Now what I don't understand is all of these people that some are jumping to the conclusion that Oly's statement doesnt refer to a FT based cam ? It seemed pretty clear to me that OLy right now believe that the AF (with FT lenses) and EVF isn;t there yet for an M43 cam and that their working on a body that will allow the "legacy" lenses to finally shine and having an effective AF that matches those lenses. I won;t bite till I see that they have actually worked on fixing the AF and real world pics from birders etc ...

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