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Originally Posted by NMRecording View Post
Awesome series! #2 is my favorite
We waited a couple years to get to see a bunch of hot air balloons launch so it was well worth it. $5 each for the wife and I to get in, free for our kids.

Originally Posted by Rodney9 View Post
Up Up and Away, What a wonderful day to see your shots, Thank you.

And thank you for looking, I'm glad to have brightened your day with these.

Originally Posted by nhmom View Post
How fun! Looks like it was a nice day for it.

Thanks Patty and it was a beautiful day.

Originally Posted by BobIr View Post
I really like the turtle. Great depth on #2.
The turtle was definitely cool, but I like the purple monster that I posted after more.

Originally Posted by Frogfish View Post
Not only something I'd love to do but something I'd love to shoot - what fun Mike and some very good pix too !
We heard several announcements before the launch about meeting with your pilots before launch so I think that they were offering the ability to take a flight for a fee. That definitely would have been cool.

Originally Posted by Keltech View Post
What a diverse variety of balloon shapes you got. Great series! I want to fly in one again, it is the most relaxing and smoothest flight experience I have ever had.

I can imagine, thanks Lou!

Originally Posted by hnikesch View Post
Something I want to do and shoot, love the series

Thank you Hans, maybe some day I'll brave it and go up in one myself.
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