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TSquare - Thanks! That good-old SMC 135-600 is capable of very sharp photos, especially with a sturdy tripod, careful focusing, and mirror lock-up.

MtnMan - Glad you enjoyed the big birds and the "little'uns" too. Have gotten a few more good photos of each, will post later as time permits.

Lou - Ha ha! That sure would be some exercise for the little fella! I think the lack of his reflection is due to the angle of the shot - bank is pretty steep here.

Penolta - You are so right about the little birds running around - we get quite a few phone calls at the park from folks who have found "poor little babies that have fallen out of the nest" that are up & running, with parents flying around right nearby. It takes some work to convince the people to just leave those babies alone! Have heard of vultures killing live prey, but never have observed this. We have a lot that hang around the park's playground - waiting for a child to fall off the swingset???
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