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Originally Posted by lesmore49 View Post
They are wonderful to see in the wild. I live on the Canadian Prairies and in the winter drive down country back roads...alongside the snow covered farm fields. Snowy White Owls tend to perch on telephone poles as in the flat prairies these poles...I think...afford them the best view for hunting...the poles are about the highest things on the prairies. I've also seen them perch on top of higher knolls on the prairies. On the snow covered knolls they blend in extremely well.

I recall last winter watching one alight from a pole ...and fly very low, very fast...a few hundred yards away I could see it suddenly hit the ground. No doubt it it struck prey...too far for me to see....but probably a field mouse, rat or rabbit...I'm guessing.
They really are fantastic beasts , utterly majestic
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