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Default Q firmware update adds Focus Peaking and. . .

Hi All,

I thought I'd post this here also since the news is possibly relevant to all Pentaxians.

Pentax has added some significant features to the Q in their latest firmware update. This means that Ricoh, unlike Pentax past, is willing to add features from new models to some older models that did not have them. Ricoh had done this in their own camera line in the past, and I had been hoping that this would carry through to Pentax, and it appears that it has.

In the new Q 1.1 firmware, features added an discovered so far are:

Focus Peaking as a MF aid -- it ranges from very obvious to subtle, but is noticeable in everything but the lowest contrast situations.

SR with adapted lenses -- This now works like the DSLRs, but the setting of the FL is different. I can enter any FL between 0 and 9999.9. The last 7 FLs entered are remembered and can be accessed by turning the e-dial, then selected. You enter the actual FL and the camera does the FOV conversion.

I haven't been able to test this very well, since it's been very overcast, but I've gotten some satisfactory looking shots handheld with my FA* 300/4.5 (1680mm EQ) at 1/100 sec. It's not easy, but I didn't expect it to be.

Manual Mode with Auto ISO -- this essentially gives the Q a TAV mode. You set the shutter speed, toggle to Av, and set the aperture, these remain constant, and Auto ISO controls the exposure.

P-TTL Flash with adapted lenses. I haven't tested this much, but it seems to work pretty reliably, both with the popup and with external flash. With the integral shutter in the new Pentax K to Q adapter, I should be able to get flash sync up to 1/250 with external flash, and up to 1/1000 with the popup.

This is a pretty impressive firmware update! I think it bodes well for all Pentaxians as it shows that Ricoh/Pentax is going to be even more consumer oriented than it has been.

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